King of Wishful Thinking

Pat Jordan Band

This is Pat Jordan Band's take on Go West's King of Wishful Thinking. Hope you enjoy our spin on it!

PJB Back in the studio. - May 15, 2011 God forbid someone buys a song they've never heard before, right!? That being said, the Pat Jordan Band took to the studio last weekend to record a single. We did "King of Wishful Thinking" by Go West. For those of you who come to our live show, it's a staple in the set that we've been playing for a long time.

We also shot some video all day and will be sharing the final product soon. Brendan Buss is the man on that. You may recall the Pat Jordan Band "Twice" teaser video. That was all him. The main objective of this thing was just to get the song, and our name out there a bit to increase traffic to the original stuff. You dig it the most.

As for the song itself, the arrangement has evolved a bit I suppose, but if I remember correctly, my friend Kainoa, who was living out of state at the time, and I had been discussing the song and different possible arrangements. The one you'll hear is the one I came up with. I think it's transposed a few keys down from the original (Ruben Studdard and I may share clothes, but I don't have the range my brother has) and it's also alot more staccato than the original.

You'll also notice in the arrangement that we added some extra time to get Simon and Brendan some solo time to shred on. This part was important to me and turns out, it was absolutely vital to the song as well and gives it some great personality. As for Rob and Josh, well, it's kind of like they put on a pair of satin underpants and smashed their balls up against a chain-link fence for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. It's filthy. Filthy good. Oh yeah, and me? I pretty much hacked away like a gorilla and sang like an angel.

Hope you enjoy.

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Pat Jordan Band

Pat Jordan Band is more than just music. it's more than just a good time. it's seeing, and getting to know 5 guys and their instruments. Hearing the words, finding the melodies, and letting good times take over. Enjoy responsibly. Rock!

Pat Jordan Band started in a garage, in living rooms, backyards, by lakes and on beaches and has grown into a powerful five-piece acoustic-rock band based in Northern California. With a sound carved from hundreds of live shows, and constant drive to evolve and progress, Pat Jordan Band has developed a devoted following spanning from coast to coast, and a style all their own.

Pat Jordan first picked up the guitar as a hobby, and quickly found it his passion. An outlet for his creativity at first; songwriting and performing have proven to be his calling. While he started performing on his own, and continues to enjoy it, he was inspired to find a away to appropriately take his songs to the next level, and formed a band. The line-up has gone through some changes over time, but friendships were forged and relationships built that have come to make the band what it is today.

On acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Pat Jordan deftly maneuvers from deeply personal ballads to much-better-than-average party jams, and sings with a clarity and presence that can get you off your feet, or move you in those places you’re soft. Drummer Rob Matteri is a sleeper force in the back, and he’s joined by Josh Barrett’s playful passion on bass to fill out the rhythm section. Simon Melrose’s distinct tones and understated solo work fill the spaces with electric guitar, and Brendan Buss rounds out the band’s sound with soulfully crafted work on the saxophone.

There is a joy and passion in watching Pat Jordan Band perform live; an interplay between the musicians, and a power greater than the sum of its parts that flows freely from the stage. This band truly enjoys what they do, and it’s fun to watch them do it.

In 2006, the band recorded and released their first album “April’s Fools,” a tight collection of eight original tracks that has since been sold to, and downloaded by thousands of fans. In mid-2010, the band began work on their second studio album - emphasizing new and never-heard-before material. In the meantime, the band continues to play shows in Northern California at venues such as Slim’s and The Great American Music Hall, The Last Day Saloon, and at numerous other clubs, wineries, and bars.

There’s a place where sincerity and musical creativity meet, and it’s where Pat Jordan Band and its diverse members have made their home. After years of shows and parties, rehearsals and relentlessly fighting for every last opportunity to play and improve, the band has reached a high-note and is earning their exposure on a scene that could use their presence.

Also? It's about getting drunk

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April's Fools

Pat Jordan Band

Americana influenced acoustic rock. Upbeat danceable music from northern California. Pat Jordan's powerful vocals paint the picture of the emotional roller coaster that is life all the while his band will have you movin' on the dance floor in no time.

The Pat Jordan Bands sound and style are the products of nights in a garage, days in a warehouse, and moments onstage. More than the sum of its parts, the band is based in the singer-songwriter style; aware of their influences, but creating something new, and quite their own. Each song is a story unto itself, both lyrically and melodically. The initial words and notes that evolve into individual pieces of music are born of experiences and memories, positive and otherwise, and though they are the thoughts of just one person, theyre added draw is their accessibility and the bands desire to move you both inside, and to your feet.

Though most artists are hesitant to confine themselves to a genre, the Pat Jordan Band is best described as acoustic-rock. And while comparison to other artists is inevitable, the best way to understand the Pat Jordan Band is to see them perform because onstage in front of a crowd is where the Pat Jordan Band is most comfortable, and where they most belong.

Singer and songwriter Pat Jordan was born and raised in Santa Rosa, California into a large and loving family. His first instruments were the piano and accordion; he didnt pick up a guitar until high school. In the beginning, Pat learned by playing what he knew; songs that challenged or touched him, and soon began to write his own songs, from concept to completion. As comfortable behind a guitar and in front of a microphone as he is in conversation, Pat Jordan is a breath of fresh air when heard or seen. His innate sense of stage-presence, rhythm, and talent lead the band, but are only part of its power.

But the Pat Jordan Band is not simply one man. The rhythm section is filled out by two more North Bay locals; Justin Bordessa on the bass guitar, and Steve Toomey on drums. Justin is an experienced and versatile bassist, and had played with several different groups of different styles before joining up with the Pat Jordan Band. As both a musician and a performer, Justin lends a style all his own, but also serves as a perfectly matched bridge between the riff-based guitar of Pat Jordan and the steady backbeat of drummer Steve Toomey. Steve was born into a musical family and is an impressively self-taught drummer. Fluent in all types and styles of music, Steves connection to drumming is more than just that of a musician and his instrument; he handcrafts his own drum kits, and that added knowledge and attachment is visible every time he plays. And not to be forgotten is the blues-influenced harmonica playing of Dallas Jones. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Dallas too grew up in the North Bay of California, and began playing harmonica at the age of sixteen. A crowd favorite, Dallas fills out the Pat Jordan Band with both soulful melodies and understated texture.

Together, these four musicians create something bigger than themselves. The Pat Jordan Band. Having found their niche in the North Bay, they have defined themself as the band to see, and the band to hear.

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Pat Jordan Band @ Hard Rock SF!

Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco!, 256 Pier 39, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA



Pat Jordan Band @ Napa Live!

Napa Live!!, TBD, Napa, CA

Napa's famous live music crawl: This one is big –  a music crawl featuring live music in 35 venues, some inside and some outside, and all within walking distance of each other. The event is from Noon to 6 p.m. on the second Sunday of the month – October 14th in Downtown Napa. From blues to bluegrass, rock to reggae and funk to fiddles, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Best of all, it’s all free.



Pat Jordan Band w/ The Tasmanian Devils

Hopmonk Tavern, 230 Petaluma Avenue, Sebastopol, CA

Pat Jordan Band w/ The Tasmanian Devils - Live at Hopmonk Sebastopol!


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