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Pat Jordan Band

Americana influenced acoustic rock. Upbeat danceable music from northern California. Pat Jordan's powerful vocals paint the picture of the emotional roller coaster that is life all the while his band will have you movin' on the dance floor in no time.

The Pat Jordan Bands sound and style are the products of nights in a garage, days in a warehouse, and moments onstage. More than the sum of its parts, the band is based in the singer-songwriter style; aware of their influences, but creating something new, and quite their own. Each song is a story unto itself, both lyrically and melodically. The initial words and notes that evolve into individual pieces of music are born of experiences and memories, positive and otherwise, and though they are the thoughts of just one person, theyre added draw is their accessibility and the bands desire to move you both inside, and to your feet.

Though most artists are hesitant to confine themselves to a genre, the Pat Jordan Band is best described as acoustic-rock. And while comparison to other artists is inevitable, the best way to understand the Pat Jordan Band is to see them perform because onstage in front of a crowd is where the Pat Jordan Band is most comfortable, and where they most belong.

Singer and songwriter Pat Jordan was born and raised in Santa Rosa, California into a large and loving family. His first instruments were the piano and accordion; he didnt pick up a guitar until high school. In the beginning, Pat learned by playing what he knew; songs that challenged or touched him, and soon began to write his own songs, from concept to completion. As comfortable behind a guitar and in front of a microphone as he is in conversation, Pat Jordan is a breath of fresh air when heard or seen. His innate sense of stage-presence, rhythm, and talent lead the band, but are only part of its power.

But the Pat Jordan Band is not simply one man. The rhythm section is filled out by two more North Bay locals; Justin Bordessa on the bass guitar, and Steve Toomey on drums. Justin is an experienced and versatile bassist, and had played with several different groups of different styles before joining up with the Pat Jordan Band. As both a musician and a performer, Justin lends a style all his own, but also serves as a perfectly matched bridge between the riff-based guitar of Pat Jordan and the steady backbeat of drummer Steve Toomey. Steve was born into a musical family and is an impressively self-taught drummer. Fluent in all types and styles of music, Steves connection to drumming is more than just that of a musician and his instrument; he handcrafts his own drum kits, and that added knowledge and attachment is visible every time he plays. And not to be forgotten is the blues-influenced harmonica playing of Dallas Jones. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Dallas too grew up in the North Bay of California, and began playing harmonica at the age of sixteen. A crowd favorite, Dallas fills out the Pat Jordan Band with both soulful melodies and understated texture.

Together, these four musicians create something bigger than themselves. The Pat Jordan Band. Having found their niche in the North Bay, they have defined themself as the band to see, and the band to hear.

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