Pat Jordan Band

Pat Jordan Band is more than just music. it's more than just a good time. it's seeing, and getting to know 5 guys and their instruments. Hearing the words, finding the melodies, and letting good times take over. Enjoy responsibly. Rock!

Pat Jordan Band started in a garage, in living rooms, backyards, by lakes and on beaches and has grown into a powerful five-piece acoustic-rock band based in Northern California. With a sound carved from hundreds of live shows, and constant drive to evolve and progress, Pat Jordan Band has developed a devoted following spanning from coast to coast, and a style all their own.

Pat Jordan first picked up the guitar as a hobby, and quickly found it his passion. An outlet for his creativity at first; songwriting and performing have proven to be his calling. While he started performing on his own, and continues to enjoy it, he was inspired to find a away to appropriately take his songs to the next level, and formed a band. The line-up has gone through some changes over time, but friendships were forged and relationships built that have come to make the band what it is today.

On acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Pat Jordan deftly maneuvers from deeply personal ballads to much-better-than-average party jams, and sings with a clarity and presence that can get you off your feet, or move you in those places you’re soft. Drummer Rob Matteri is a sleeper force in the back, and he’s joined by Josh Barrett’s playful passion on bass to fill out the rhythm section. Simon Melrose’s distinct tones and understated solo work fill the spaces with electric guitar, and Brendan Buss rounds out the band’s sound with soulfully crafted work on the saxophone.

There is a joy and passion in watching Pat Jordan Band perform live; an interplay between the musicians, and a power greater than the sum of its parts that flows freely from the stage. This band truly enjoys what they do, and it’s fun to watch them do it.

In 2006, the band recorded and released their first album “April’s Fools,” a tight collection of eight original tracks that has since been sold to, and downloaded by thousands of fans. In mid-2010, the band began work on their second studio album - emphasizing new and never-heard-before material. In the meantime, the band continues to play shows in Northern California at venues such as Slim’s and The Great American Music Hall, The Last Day Saloon, and at numerous other clubs, wineries, and bars.

There’s a place where sincerity and musical creativity meet, and it’s where Pat Jordan Band and its diverse members have made their home. After years of shows and parties, rehearsals and relentlessly fighting for every last opportunity to play and improve, the band has reached a high-note and is earning their exposure on a scene that could use their presence.

Also? It's about getting drunk

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