Press Democrat

“a sound all his own - a catchy acoustic groove that goes over well from pub to frat party, as songs about 10-foot-high devotion and running into an old high-school crush segue easily from Bob Marley to Bob Dylan.”

"a gregarious, wide-eyed bear of a man - grabs hold of an acoustic guitar that looks more like a toy ukulele in his hands. But before the punchline arrives, a party breaks out. A rowdy bar-band sing-along that quickly picks up any club"

North Bay Bohemian

"Whatever the Pat Jordan Band's style, there's no denying their quest for taste. Frontman Jordan has the ability to command his band with only the slightest touch; he plays acoustic guitar with no effects pedals, which makes the control of vast dynamics a near-heroic feat. For the whole arms-waving, booty-shaking experience, it's best to see the Pat Jordan Band live.

"Think Dave Matthews Live At Luther College as performed by Jack Black in "High Fidelity." Is that enough? Pat Jordan is enthusiastic and humorous, that just-right hotel bar performer to return the spring to your lazy vacationing ass. If his characterizations of life, love and boxing seem unorthodox, it's likely not just you. He's an odd guy, speaking to the odd guy in all of us."